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 Moltres Red Flame Boy's Dorm Rulez

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PostSubject: Moltres Red Flame Boy's Dorm Rulez   Moltres Red Flame Boy's Dorm Rulez Icon_minitimeTue Jan 06, 2009 8:19 pm

Moltres Red Flame Boy's Dorm Rulez

Rule 1: Lights should be out at 11:30 pm( i will come around and check.)

Rule 2: You can bring whatever you want to the dorm BUT GIRLS!!

Rule 3: Keep the volumes at 15 and under. All music with bad words in it at least has to be an clean version.

Rule 4: No Smoking!

Rule 5:Don't jump off the beds OR on them.

Rule 6: Respect the furniture in there as your own house. ( which does not mean keep your junk on it)

Rule 7:Clean up behind yourselfs.

Rule 8:
No fighting over the television remote (or anything else, like food, clothes etc.).

9. The heater and air conditioner should be used to keep the dorms at reasonable temperatures. No pranking by suddenly turning the air to 22 degrees in the middle of the night.

10. Always tell me if you know that someone is breaking the rules or you just want to talk to me about something.

Other than that, enjoy, relax and have FUN!!!!!
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Moltres Red Flame Boy's Dorm Rulez
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